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08-Jan-2018 15:11

"My mum said it wasn't me, and got me off Ritalin as soon as we got home.

"My dad was always against it, but my mum wanted to give it a go."The next attempt to curb him was more dramatic still.

If you have heard of him at all, the chances are it is through Lily's hit song Alfie, which described him, to his horror, as a pot-smoking layabout with the affectionately mocking words: "My little brother's in his bedroom smoking weed, I tell him he should get up 'cause it's nearly half-past three." Scroll down for more...

As a wild-child who was expelled from school after school during his formative years in North London, Alfie admits that Lily might have had a point.

He is about to take on his first leading part as the troubled, horse-obsessed character at the centre of Peter Shaffer's play, Equus. Next month he will appear on the big screen in Flashbacks Of A Fool with Daniel Craig, and in March he will be seen in The Other Boleyn Girl, a movie starring Scarlett Johansson as Mary (a rival to Anne Boleyn for the hand of Henry VIII).

It might seem that Alfie was born to success, a member of the media aristocracy with a celebrity father and a film-producer mother. By rights we should be talking in a therapist's consulting room or perhaps in The Priory clinic, where Lily spent a brief spell. Because if Alfie has inherited the family gene for success, he is also prey to its demons.

"Soon after I started taking it we went on a family holiday to Ibiza.

"I wasn't expelled for anything vicious, just being cheeky, not doing what I was told, answering back and always rising to the bait if someone said something annoying about my dad. She always called Dad and said, 'Be angry with Alfie.'"My dad would arrange to see me and say, 'I'm going to be angry with you.' "But, to be honest, he didn't really know what he was being angry about."Desperate for a solution, his mother sought medical help and Alfie found himself diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder, or ADD, and became one of the first children in Britain to be prescribed Ritalin, the controversial drug said to help improve concentration and control hyperactivity."I hated it," he recalls.

With his prominent cheekbones, ice-blue eyes and an unmistakable hint of mischief, the family resemblance is clear enough.

But while his sister Lily is internationally famous as a singer and his father Keith is one of the country's best-known hellraising comic actors, few people have yet come across 21-year-old Alfie Allen.

"And when you really, really need help, he's always there." The true constant in his life, however, has been his mother, Alison Owen.

She has been a rebel in her own right, too – a single mother at the age of 17 and a punk when she met Keith at a music gig in Notting Hill.He has fathered half a dozen children by four different mothers. "I really don't like talking about my dad," he replies slowly.