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04-Jul-2017 20:03

Those with US dollars who don’t get a chance to convert their currency needn’t worry.

Most bars will change American money at a similar rate while the customer waits.

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Those people are long gone, but the houses of ill repute remain, mainly concentrated along one road. One can fly into Manila and take a taxi or bus for an hour or two, or fly directly into Angeles City via Clark Airport.

As long as they get set up somewhere on Fields Avenue, they’ll be in walking distance of everything. At one end, labeled “Walking Street” (even though lots of vehicles make their way through) there are dozens of go go bars.

Unlike the go go bars in Thailand where the women on stage do nude dances, shower shoes, lesbian shows and more, the stuff here is pretty timid. Sometimes though, customers will luck out and get into a situation where they can see some tits or get jerked or sucked off in a dark corner.

They can then head out to grab a bite or go straight back to the hotel. The hotels here are mostly all girl friendly and customers don’t have to introduce their temporary guests to the staff at the check in counters.

If customers have special requests on ladies or activities, they can usually talk to the mamasan in any club.

When the girl comes over, customers can chat a bit, usually after buying her a lady drink.