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Second, the Ray administration made the deliberate decision to use athletics to achieve national recognition—a strategy that produced almost immediate results.

The construction of a new Sun Bowl stadium (1963) financed by a county bond issue was followed by a television contract with CBS in 1968 and an expansion in 1982.

Student activities with Confederate themes silently disappeared and fraternities and sororities began to accept Hispanic members.

Chicano students called for greater representation in the faculty, relevant courses, and appropriate student services—a movement that culminated in December 1971 when they staged a public protest that included burning one administrator in effigy and trapping the University’s president in his office.

The Regents responded by sending a new president, Arleigh B. He allowed the Chicano Studies program to grow, appointed the first Hispanic dean, and used his political ties in Austin to secure funds to expand the Sun Bowl stadium.

The University became the nation’s top producer of Hispanic engineers in 1984, and the following year exactly 50 percent of students were Hispanic.

Photo by The Fayetteville Observer FORT LEONARD WOOD • He was a rising star described as the "most respected chaplain in the Army." Assigned to the elite Special Operations Command, Lt. He seemed destined for the military's highest ranks.

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Students gradually shifted from campus housing residents to commuters."The problems of child pornography and child sexual exploitation have exploded in this country particularly with the advent of the Internet.It's certainly our view that the military is not immune." Allen credited the military for its aggressive pursuit of such cases and noted that a Naval Criminal Investigative Service agent was assigned to work directly out of the center.The regional university achieved success on three very specific goals. As the baby boom generation came of age, student enrollment rose from 5,000 in 1962 to 10,000 in 1968 to 15,000 in 1977.

Campus facilities expanded in fits and starts, with the rapid acquisition of private homes, the construction of new annexes, and the conversion of dorms into office and classroom spaces.

In 1960, a new administration set out to harness the overlapping local, state, and national impulses that had produced a mining school, stretched it into a city college, and pulled it into a regional college. Ray would lead Texas Western College from 1960 to 1968 on the path, as he later described it, toward “becoming a university.” Celebration of the school’s golden jubilee (50 years) in 1963 produced the institution’s first strategic plan from the Mission ’73 Committee and followed three years after the formation of a faculty council.

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