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The parodies frequently make comedic use of the fourth wall, breaking character, and meta-references.

Within an ostensibly self-contained storyline, the characters may refer to the technical aspects of filmmaking, the publicity, hype, or box office surrounding their project, their own past roles, any clichés being used, and so on.

Hullabaloo (January 1965–August 1966) (Genre: Musical variety) (Broadcaster: NBC) / Shindig!

Robert Durst, a millionaire from one of America's wealthiest families, was arrested just before Sunday's finale of a serial documentary about his links to three sensational murders in which he said he "killed them all." FBI agents arrested Durst at a New Orleans hotel Saturday on a warrant from Los Angeles for the murder of a mobster's daughter 15 years ago, authorities said.

Durst observes in the documentary that only Berman's killer could have sent the letter to police.

His lawyer, Chip Lewis, said he has no doubt his client's arrest was orchestrated in coordination with HBO's broadcast of the final episode.

He was ordered held without bond pending a hearing Monday.

"We hope he will finally be held accountable for all he has done," said his brother, Douglas Durst, in a statement.

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Jarecki told a fictionalised version of Durst's story in "All Good Things," a 2010 film starring Ryan Gosling.

Berman, who was Durst's spokeswoman, was killed at her home with a bullet to the back of her head as New York investigators prepared to question her in the unsolved 1982 disappearance of Durst's wife, Kathleen.

READ: The billion-dollar heir whose life became a macabre soap opera The climax of last week's episode revealed a handwritten address on a letter that Durst had sent to Berman.

Despite admitting that he used a paring knife, two saws and an axe to dismember Black's body before dumping the remains, Durst was acquitted of murder.

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Durst "has been incredibly lucky that so many people who've investigated him have dropped the ball, but I think that luck may be running out," said Former Galveston County District Court Judge Susan Criss, who presided over the Texas murder trial.The Durst family is worth at least billion, according to the Forbes list of richest Americans.

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